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I suggested Water/Steel (mainly) for the Bulky set, since Steel gives a lot more resistances against the 3 prio mons' coverage.
I agree that Water/Electric is a great type for the 'Fast and Powerful' set,
For a typing, Water + Flying resist or Electric + Fire resist does the job.
However, I disagree that it is pushing the limits too far to expect a Pokemon that discourages priority through speed and power to OHKO the 3 most common priority users. However, what we must be careful is to not make a CAP that counters the users and instead make a CAP counters priority without losing to the common users. I have been falling into this trap slightly in my 'stimulation', if you can call it that.
Something I've been thinking about recently is that if we can give the CAP Will-O-Wisp, that might be able to create a situation where we can go for a bulky set. Since we're already pretty much assuming that a Fire move is going to be in this thing's set, it's not unreasonable to add in Will-O-Wisp too. Will-O-Wisp can give us pseudo-resistance to everything, so we only need to worry about resisting the main priority moves and Flare Blitz while just not being weak to the other moves the common Priority users have access to. In that respect, the typing would look rather similar to the Fast and Powerful typing, but give us access to a defensive spread if the typing is particularly good defensive typing. It's something to think about given how good Water is as a defensive type.


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It seems to me that it's been well established that this concept will not be viable. 'Priority' simply comes from too many different users, and even taking on the 'top three,' as it were, seems like a lot to ask. While I do appreciate the attempts to attempt to get a viable concept out of this, Priority is simply too rampant and widespread now to attempt to take on with a single pokemon, and reducing it down to only taking on a small portion of the users defeats the entire purpose of the concept. Seeing as how this discussion has stagnated into repeated discussion on how to beat just those three, I'm going to have to put in my decline.

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